Archive Papers and Double Sumissions

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FAQ for archive papers and double submissions:

(new) Q6: Is the November 9 deadline a submission deadline or a publication deadline?

A6: For arXiv submissions, November 9 11:59pm UTC-12h (anywhere on earth) is the submission deadline. The actual publication on the archive may take a day or two after that. For other non-anonymized versions, it is the deadline when such a version becomes public.

(new) Q7: I have made my non-anonymized version public before the Nov. 9 deadline. Is it ok to update the non-anonymized version or to have the same non-anonymized version posted somewhere else during the anonymity period?

A7. No. The non-anonymized version may not be updated, nor made publically available at additional sites during the anonymity period.

(new) Q8: Do we have to withdraw ICLR submissions by November 9 in order to submit to ACL?

A8: Yes.

The ACL2020 position is that de-anonymized versions must be posted by November 9 (or submitted by that day in the case of arxiv). If, after November 9, the same paper appears elsewhere such as your personal website or on ICLR’s website, it is ineligible for ACL 2020.

According to the ICLR policy, the withdrawn papers will be de-anonymized right away. If you withdraw your paper after November 9, an additional link between your paper and your identities will be added after the start of the anonymity period. This is a new action that can compromise double-blind reviewing, rendering your paper ineligible for submission to ACL2020.

Recommendation: if you want to submit to ACL, the paper must be withdrawn by November 9. And probably before then depending on how “right away” ICLR posts withdrawn papers.

Q1: I have an anonymized version of my paper online, can I submit it to ACL2020?

A1: Yes, by all means.

Q2: My paper to a NeurlPS workshop was accepted on October 1. There is no proceedings for the workshop. I will be presenting the work at the NeurlPS workshop in December. Can I submit this paper to ACL2020?

A2: Yes, as long as any non-anonymized versions of the paper are posted before November 9, the start of the anonymity period.

Q3: I have a paper currently under review at ABC. Can I submit the paper to ACL2020?

A3: It depends.

If the venue ABC you submitted the paper to does not allow a double submission, you should not submit the paper to ACL2020. ACL double submission policy is mainly intended for papers which are or will be submitted to workshops and other smaller venues.

If ABC allows a double submission then it depends on whether there are any non-anonymized versions posted online. If there is no non-anonymized version or if any non-anonymized versions are posted online before November 9 (the start of the anonymity period), you can submit the paper to ACL. You will need to specify the venue where the paper is under review on the submission form.

Q4: Can I resubmit my ICLR 2020 submission to ACL 2020?

A4: See Q3/A3 regarding double submission.

If your paper is no longer under review (e.g., desk rejected, withdrawn) at ICLR before ACL’s submission deadline and your de-anonymized paper is posted before November 9, you can submit your paper to ACL2020. Any de-anonymization after November 9 will not be eligible for re-submission to ACL2020.

Q5: Can I submit the paper which is under review at ACL2020 to other venues?

A5: Per ACL’s double submission policy, ACL will not prevent you from submitting your paper to future workshops/conferences (presumably they allow double submission) as long as it satisfies the anonymity requirement. However, if your paper is accepted at ACL and you decide to present your paper at ACL, you will need to withdraw the other submissions.