Stuts + Tacos Leipzig

Watch this space for the shiny new website of the 69. StuTS (nice!) and Tacos 2021 in Leipzig, Germany and be amazed what you’ll get to experience in 2021!


Conference registration will open in early 2021.


Calls for participation will open in early 2021. Lightning talks will not have to be registred or announced before the conference.


If you are unsure about any part of the event or the procedures, check the FAQs here (soon) or send us an electronic mail!


Keep up to date with all the dates and deadlines with the handy table below. All dates will be specified when the conference draws closer.

Registration opens

Early 2021

Registration closes

April 2021

Call for papers opens

Early 2021

Call for papers closes

April 2021

69. Stuts + Tacos 2021

6th -- 9th May 2021


9th May 2021

Talks, workshops and main conference events will be announced through the conference program and booklet.

Get in touch

Something can always go wrong, be unanswered or just confusing. If you have any questions left, need help with something or just want to chat, get in contact with the conference team!